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About MauReu

Welcome to MauReu Designs. My name is Maureen Johnson and I love to create beautiful quality jewelry that expresses my heart’s desire for others to know their beauty and worth. My passion is working with Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay, an innovative medium for artisans developed in Japan. The jewelry is kiln fired to create 99.99% solid silver pieces which opens up a whole new world of endless possibilities. From geometric to Celtic to all sorts of sparkling treasures. Jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that can make you feel unique. Enjoy your Uniqueness! See which of the designs calls your name and inspires you.

What on earth is precious metal clay? I am asked this question over and over. The official definition is: Precious Metal Clay (PMC) consists of microscopic particles of silver suspended in an organic binder to create a pliable material with a consistency similar to modeling clay. PMC can be worked with the fingers and with simple, inexpensive tools. When PMC is heated to a high temperature the organic binder burns away and the metal particles fuse, forming solid metal that can be sanded, soldered, oxidized, patinaed and polished like conventional material.

I choose to work with the Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay as the clay is very fine and beautiful to work with. The end results are worth every minute of the process from start to finish. This is the Precious Metal Clay that I use. It also comes in a syringe form which is fun to create with. This small amount of clay is divide up into many projects. The clay is kneaded, and rolled out. Guess what you use to measure how thick the clay gets? Playing cards! You put an equal amount of cards, like say five or six on each side of the clay and roll it to that thickness. Then you can texturize it with lace, a leaf, texture mats or even make your own designs. You can cut it to any shape you like with a sharp blade and make amazing pieces of art. The possibilities are limitless.

Once the clay has dried, you gently sand the delicate piece of clay. Especially when there are crevices to clean out. If you break it, you can use some slip (wet clay) to piece it back together and let it dry and sand again. You can even make your bails for your pendants to give it that designer look. When you are happy with your piece, you then fire it in a kiln. I can use this little kiln for the Fine Silver Precious Metal Clay. It does not get hot enough for copper, white copper or bronze precious metal clay. Your design shrink as the fillers are burned away. About 10-15%. Once cooled you can clean with a soft brass brush and finishing pads.

The end result is a beautiful, shiny piece of pure silver- well .999, solid metal! It makes you want to try so many different designs using different textures and shapes. The last piece was done using the syringe clay over a round shaped cork. I hope this explains a little bit about Precious Metal Clay and why I love to create with it.