Fine Silver Jewelry Designs

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MauReu Designs

MauReu Designs recognizes that Beauty is in the Journey

Welcome to the world of exclusive designs in Fine Silver radiating modern luxury and finesse. Enjoy the uniqueness of handcrafted one of kind quality jewelry inspired by the world around us, geometric shapes, Celtic symbols, architecture, nature, friendship and love. Jewelry that says Thank You, I Appreciate You, This Reminds Me of You, Remember Me, You Did It, I Love You.

One of the newest craft art mediums is Precious Metal Clay developed in Japan in 1990. Fine Silver precious metal clay jewelry looks like other silver jewellery and just as durable, but its process is very different than traditional metalsmithing. Fine Silver metal clay consists of microscopic particles of silver suspended in an organic binder to create a pliable material that allows you to create infinite and amazing designs. Once fired in a kiln, the binder burns away creating a solid piece of pure silver that shines brightly, signifying the refining process in our lives. Truly something of value and to be treasured.

MauReu Designs